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    Tips, ideas and information on biking Missouri’s MKT Trail

    In August 2009 I had the privilege of completing the Katy Trail. I rode east to west, covering 230 miles (370km) between St. Charles and Clinton.

    The Katy Trail State Park is a rails-to-trails conversion using the the right-of-way of the now defunct Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. "Katy" comes from the phonetic pronunciation of 'KT' in the railroad's abbreviated name, MKT. The trail is managed by the Missouri State Park Service. Most of the trail follows the northern bank of the Missouri River. The trail is made up of "limestone pug", creating a rideable surface although rain, horses (only between Sedalia and Clinton) and fallen trees can create some challenges and obstacles.

    The trail is being expanded to include the corridor from St. Charles to Machens. It is eventually proposed that the trail will link downtown St. Louis and the suburbs of Kansas City. The dormant Rock Island Corridor rail line has been made available to connect Windsor, on the Katy Trail, with Pleasant Hill which is a suburb of KC.

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    My east-west ride of 230 miles was completed in three stages on a Trek Hybrid bike:

    1. St. Charles to Jefferson City (see map of stage)
    • 105.6 miles @ 14.4 mph (4:10 per mile).
    • 358 feet (109 m) of climbing.
    • 251 feet (77m) of descending.
    • 9 hours, 3 minutes including stops.
    • 6,036 calories.
    2. Jefferson City to Sedalia (see map of stage)
    • 86.7 miles @13.7 mph (4:23 per mile).
    • 1,111 feet (339m) of climbing.
    • 746 feet (227m) of descending.
    • 8 hours 43 minutes including stops.
    • 4,216 calories.
    3. Sedalia to Clinton (see map of stage)
    • 38.4 miles @ 14.6 mph (4:07 per mile).
    • 493 feet (150 m) of climbing.
    • 597 feet (182m) of descending.
    • 3 hours 44 minutes including stops.
    • 1,844 calories.
    4. TOTALS (see map)
    • 230.2 miles @ 14.1 mph (4:14 per mile) / 370 kilometers @ 23km/h
    • 1,962 feet (598 m) of climbing.
    • 1,593 feet (486m) of descending.
    • 16 hours 18 minutes riding time.
    • 21 hours 31 minutes including stops.
    • 12,096 calories.

    Katy Trail @ I-70 over Missouri River